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Clinical use and scientific data of fasciotens®Abdomen

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Surgery Surg Endos 2023; 5(1) Suppl. 2: 62-67

Fasciotens®Abdomen system application for delayed primary fascial closure and observed physiological improvement of the patient

Mavc, Z., Kunst, G.

fasciotens®Abdomen was used in a middle-aged patient with severe peritonitis after small bowel perforation.

"Post-installation of the device, rapid improvements in respiratory dynamics, diuresis, stoma output, and hemodynamics were observed within hours, suggesting a profound impact on overall well-being. This cascade of physiological benefits hints at broader implications in optimising patient recovery."

  • Overall stabilisation of the patient
  • Successful fascial closure after 6 days of using the device
  • increased renal output
  • improvement of ventilation parameters

Langenbecks Arch Surg 407, 2075–2083 (2022)

Vertical traction device prevents abdominal wall retraction and facilitates early primary fascial closure of septic and non‑septic open abdomen

Fung, S., Ashmawy, H., Krieglstein, C. et al.

First retrospective multicenter study on fasciotens®Abdomen showing promising results and demonstrates safety and feasibility of the device.

  • 100% successful early closure
  • After 48h: Fascial distance significantly decreased
  • Mean of 7 days for definitive fascial closure
  • 0% mortality