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Abdominal Wall Solutions

Fascial traction is the answer

Whether you are faced with the intricacies of an open abdomen, complex hernias, or the challenging task of treating newborns with abdominal wall defects, fasciotens® is here to provide standardized solutions that make treatments more efficient and less traumatic.
Open Abdomen Device


Forget about oedema in open abdomen

By increasing the intra-abdominal volume during open abdomen therapy our solution creates more space for the organs. 

  • The device helps to stabilize the patient
  • It facilitates fascial closure
  • You need fewer revision surgeries due to dynamic changes in traction


Expand your armoury for complex hernia surgery

The innovative solution stretches the abdominal wall during complex hernia treatments and helps to restore anatomical integrity.

  • Keep the lateral abdominal wall intact
  • Can be learned easily
  • Need fewer additional measures 
  • Combine it freely with other techniques


Standardize treatment of congenital abdominal wall defects in newborns

Our solution for newborns enlarges the abdominal cavity in congenital defects like gastroschisis or omphaloceles in a standardized and reproducible way.

  • Create space for the organs while stretching the abdominal wall
  • Achieve definitive closure in large defects
  • Use a professional & certified solution for newborns

Case Reports

Closed afer 25 minutes:

25 cm recurrence of a midline incisional hernia

Read how this patient's giant hernia was repaired with BTA pre-treatment and fasciotens only.

Home_Case Reports_Hernia-NL-25cm

fasciotens®Hernia in a scrotal hernia

Laparoscopic fasciotens® application to enable Lichtenstein Repair

See in detail how fasciotens® was applied laparoscopically to increase the abdominal volume while repositioning the intestines back into the abdominal cavity.

Home_Case Reports_Hernia-Scrotal
Hans Martin Schardey

fasciotens solutions

"It is amazing what fasciotens devices can achieve. This applies both to the closure of large abdominal wall hernias with loss of domain and patients with an open abdomen in the intensive care unit."

Prof. Dr. Hans Martin Schardey
Chief Physician Surgery, Hospital Agatharied Hausham

Guido Woeste


"I was able to close a 16 cm wide hernia with fasciotens and thus avoid an additional component separation. The patient complained of hardly any pain postoperatively and could be discharged after 7 days. It's an impressive result for such a large hernia."

Prof. Dr. med. Guido Woeste
Chief Physician Surgery, Hospital Agaplesion Elisabethstift Darmstadt

Developed by surgeons Together we raise the standards of abdominal wall reconstruction

Our team of experienced surgeons, nurses and medical staff makes sure that we always focus on the best outcomes for the patients and that we simplify your daily work routines. 

Our surgeons can also discuss your case with you to evaluate if the case is suitable for a fasciotens application.

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Learn how to apply fasciotens® solutions

In-depth courses, refresher classes, quick guides, workshops and more: Explore our e-learning platform and see how easily our solutions can be integrated into your daily routine.